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Resume of Coastal, Single Family and Multi-Family Residential Architecture


Rogers Addition/Renovation (Wakefield, Virginia 2016)

Design of addition to and renovation of farmhouse.


Stowe Addition/Renovation (Isle of Wight, Virginia 2016)

Design of music wing addition to and renovation of home.


Wingenbach Residence (Hampton, Virginia 2016)

Design of parental suite and home office for existing two story home.


Wilson Residence (Newtonville, Alabama 2016)

Design of two bedroom vacation home on wooded acreage.


Bajsert Residence (Charles City, Virginia 2016)

Design of new foundation supports to existing home.


Smith Kitchen (Hampton, Virginia 2015)

Redesign of kitchen/dining spaces.


Sutton Renovation (Newport News, Virginia 2015)

Design for full house interior renovation including updated kitchen, baths, and master and in-law suites.


Smith Renovation (Newport News, Virginia 2015)

Renovation of existing front porch and kitchen.


Smith Addition (Hampton, Virginia 2015)

Addition of three season space and outdoor kitchen.


Elton Car Shelter (Newport News, Virginia 2015)

Design of open car shelter and loggia matching traditional design elements of Colonial Revival home.


McCreash Addition/Renovation (Chesapeake, Virginia 2014)

Design for renovation of existing spaces for enlarged kitchen/dining, new first floor full bath and guest room, enlarged laundry/mud room with new great room and screened porch addition.


Finigan Condo Renovation
(Arlington, Virginia 2012)

Design renovations to lower level for master bedroom suite, study, and laundry.


Goodman Addition/Renovation
(Yorktown, Virginia 2012)

Design addition to enlarge family entertainment area, renovate front facade, and upgrade interior finishes, lighting, and furniture.

Bowman Addition/Renovation

(Hampton, Virginia 2012)

Design of whole house renovation and master suite addition and deck at rear of home.

LeHew Residence and Guest Cottage

(Front Royal, Virginia – 2012)

Complete renovation of and additions to 1804 farmhouse and addition/renovation to early 1900's detached guest cottage.


Schools Renovation

(Arlington, Virginia – 2010)

Renovation of condominium unit to include new kitchen, new stair to attic level, and build-out of attic for master suite.


Oakland Estate-Phase III

(Front Royal, Virginia – 2009)

Two story addition for master bedroom suite enlargement/renovation with expanded screened and open porches below along with new first floor full bath for pool use.  Design of pool cabana with attached pergola/terrace.


Mullen Addition/Renovation

(Broadway, Virginia – 2008)

Addition to mountain cabin to incorporate new stair to second floor and carport.  Renovation of first floor to include new powder room.


Jimenez Renovation

(Bethesda, Maryland – 2008)

Renovate existing master bedroom/bath and guest/bath suites and add new guest bathroom.


Markoff Phase II Addition/Renovation

(Springfield, Virginia – 2008)

Three story addition for enlarged dining/entertainment on the main floor and storage at lower level.  Renovation of existing second floor master bedroom suite and study.


Condor Street/New Home

(Hampton, Virginia – 2007)

New single family bungalow home.



S. Union Street Addition/Renovation

(Hampton, Virginia – 2007)

Renovate existing Victorian home and add master bedroom/bath suite.


Perry Renovation

(Norfolk, Virginia – 2007)

Renovate second floor to create master bedroom/bath suite and third floor for new guest suite.


Martin Addition/Renovation

(Purcellville, Virginia – 2006)

Addition to and renovation of 1800’s horse farm home to include new kitchen, baths, bedrooms, master bedroom suite, family room, and renovations to existing interiors and exteriors.  (Design phase)


Williams Addition/Renovation

(Bethesda, Maryland – 2006)

Rear addition to Cape Code to include enlarged kitchen and family room with master suite above and new carport and enlarged front entry stoop.


Schrum Renovation

(Hampton, Virginia – 2006)

Design new rear porch/pergola for Victorian home as well as landscape plan for entire property.


Hendricks Renovation

(Hampton, Virginia – 2006)

Design new porte cochere for Victorian home and property landscape plan as well as renovate existing garage for photography studio.


Anderson Renovation

(Hampton, Virginia – 2006)

Design renovation of front porch for Victorian home and landscape plan for front yard.


Chase Renovation

(Hampton, Virginia – 2006)

Design renovation of front porch for Victorian home and new landscape plan.


Egert Renovation

(Hampton, Virginia – 2006)

Master Plan design to include major renovation of two story Victorian house with build-out of attic for guest suite as well as new rear terrace and landscaping of entire property.


Coleman Phase I Renovation

(Hampton, Virginia – 2006)

Renovate existing front porch of Victorian home and add new brick driveway/walks and garden shed.  Landscape plan design to enhance exterior improvements.


Jackson Renovation
(Hampton, Virginia – 2005)

Master design plan for renovation of Victorian home to include landscape plan for new drive-way and gardens, improvements to existing front porch, restoring of decorative exterior and interior woodwork, and renovated kitchen and bath.


Hicks Renovation

(Hampton, Virginia – 2005)

Master design plan for renovation of early 1900’s home to include landscape plan, improvements to existing porches, restoration of exterior woodwork, renovation of existing garage and building of new 2 1/2 bay garage, new rear porch, and relocation of kitchen and renovation of existing kitchen as laundry room.


Woodcock Addition/Renovation

(Hampton, Virginia – 2005)

Master design plan for renovation of existing kitchen, addition of master bath and closet, new rear porch, and new two bay garage.


Dunne Addition/Renovation

(Arlington, Virginia – 2005)

Three floor rear addition of family room with master suite and library above and carport.


Bauhof Renovation

(Hampton, Virginia – 2005)

Design renovation of front porch for Victorian home.



Coleman Renovation

(Hampton, Virginia – 2005)

Master design plan for renovation of Victorian home to include landscape plan for new driveway and gardens, improvements to existing front porch, restoring of decorative exterior and interior woodwork, new bay window at kitchen, re-organization of interior spaces, and master suite addition.


Metzger Addition/Renovation

(McLean, Virginia – 2005)

Addition to incorporate enlarged and renovated gourmet kitchen with breakfast area and butler’s pantry/laundry, and a new mud room.


Sarrett Renovation

(Newport News, Virginia – 2005)

Renovation of interior living spaces for better flow and function.  Design of new covered front and screened rear porches.


Newton Addition/Renovation

(Centreville, Virginia – 2005)

Add new two car garage with master bedroom suite above.  Add two-story rear addition for breakfast room and bedroom above.  Renovate existing spaces for recreation room, enlarged kitchen, guest room, exercise room, and second floor laundry.


Gay Renovation

(Centreville, Virginia – 2005)

Build-out of lower level to include exercise room, guest bedroom, entertainment room with built-ins and wet bar, mud room, and storage.  Renovation of existing guest bath.


Moreira Addition/Renovation

(Burke, Virginia – 2005)

Addition of master bedroom suite over existing two-car garage, enlargement of dining room, new laundry room and renovation of family room to include built-ins and fireplace upgrades.


May Kitchen

(Arlington, Virginia – 2004)

Renovation of existing kitchen with new cabinetry, appliances, lighting, and finishes.


Jadick Renovation

(Arlington, Virginia – 2004)

Renovation of existing kitchen and bath and attic build-out of master bedroom suite (bedroom, bath, closet, and built-ins) and laundry.


King/Brown Renovation

(Arlington, Virginia – 2004)

Renovation of 1940’s brick home including kitchen, study, bath, and powder room.


Keogh Addition/Renovation

(Fairfax, Virginia – 2004)

Three story rear addition of family room, three bedrooms, two baths, and playroom. New front porch and changes to exterior facades and garage.  Renovation/enlargement of kitchen, dining room, and mud/laundry. 


Campbell Renovation

(Arlington, Virginia – 2004)

Renovation of master bedroom to include new master bath. walk-in closet, built-ins, and stair.


James Renovation

(Arlington, Virginia – 2004)

Build-out of second floor attic to include master suite (bedroom, bath, closet) and storage.


Ware Addition/Renovation

(Arlington, Virginia – 2004)

Addition to and renovation of 1926 bungalow in historic district to include new kitchen and bedroom, rear screened porch, and changes to interior/exterior finishes and detailing.


Beinhacker Renovation

(Arlington, Virginia – 2003)

Build-out of existing attic (with new stair) for artist’s studio and renovation of small bedroom into sitting room.


Harley/Marland Addition/Renovation

(Alexandria, Virginia – 2003)

Rear addition to 1940’s Cape Cod to enlarge kitchen and basement as well as renovation of two existing baths, home office, and front entry.


Munday/Champagne Renovation

(Springfield Virginia – 2003)

Renovation of existing master bedroom suite to include new, enlarged bath and reconfigured his and her closets.


Emery Addition/Renovation

(Fairfax Station, Virginia – 2003)

Enclosure of existing porch for breakfast room and addition of screened porch with hot tub and adjacent patio.


Saunders Addition/Renovation

(Temple Hills, Maryland – 2003)

Addition of second story for master bedroom suite and first floor expansion for new dining and living rooms over new two-car garage; renovation of kitchen, stair hall, and bedrooms.


Alvord Renovation

(Arlington, Virginia – 2003)

Changes to 1940’s Cape Cod home in historic district to include new front entry, new kitchen/dining room within existing spaces, renovation of second floor master bedroom suite, and new carport/drive.


Sechler Addition/Renovation

(McLean, Virginia – 2003)

Addition of wraparound front/side porch, art and music studios.


Oakland Estate-Phase II

(Front Royal, Virginia – 2003)

Addition of two car garage with two car carport and porte cochere attached to main house.


DeBerry Renovation

(Alexandria, Virginia – 2003)

Renovation of 1930’s bungalow in historic district to include new kitchen, family room, and guest suite and rear porch.


Gill Garage

(Arlington, Virginia – 2002)

New masonry garage/workshop and driveway.



Ross Renovation

(Vienna, Virginia – 2002)

Renovation of existing family room and sunroom for a combined great room and new deck extension with hot tub.


Kidwell Addition/Renovation

(Bethesda, Maryland – 2002)

Addition of family room and master bedroom suite with enlarged kitchen/dining and renovation of existing two baths and front entry for 1940’s Cape Cod.


Lanman Addition/Renovation

(Arlington, Virginia (2002)

Design of master bedroom suite, family room, powder room, guest room/study, and renovation of existing kitchen and upper hall as well as new garage and flagstone patio.


Taylor Renovation

(Arlington, Virginia – 2002)

Renovation of three level townhouse in historic neighborhood to include new kitchen, upgrades to two bathrooms, and built-in cabinetry throughout all levels.


Burgess Addition/Renovation

(Arlington, Virginia – 2002)

Rear addition of master bedroom suite on second floor and family room with enlarged kitchen on first floor and storage in new basement below.  Enclosed existing porch for new front entry.


Keyes/Ferguson Renovation

(Arlington, Virginia – 2002)

Buildout of existing historic townhouse attic space for home office, storage, built-ins and full bath with new access stair and renovation of existing second floor bath.


Burke Addition/Renovation

(Middleburg, Virginia – 2002)

Addition of master bedroom suite and guest bath and renovation of kitchen, family (including expansion), and mud/laundry rooms, and exterior facades of early 1900’s stone farmhouse.  Also addition of pergola at existing stone terrace and other hardscaping and renovation of existing garage.


Markoff Addition/Renovation

(Springfield, Virginia – 2001)

Enlargement of existing family room, new bedroom, renovation of existing front porch and rear sunroom,  new wood deck, and new concrete and brick walk and driveway.


Mullen Addition/Renovation
(Arlington, Virginia – 2001)

Addition including master bedroom suite, new guest bedroom/study, eat-in kitchen, family room, and three baths along with renovation of existing dining room, upper hall, and bedrooms.


Clifford/Velesz Addition/Renovation
(Alexandria, Virginia – 2000)

Kitchen and bath additions, expansion of living room by enclosing porch, and converting garage into family room with volumed ceiling.


Weilminster Renovation
(Bethesda, Maryland – 2000)

Renovation of front entry and design of coordinating landscape features at drive.


Vine Addition/Renovation
(Bethesda, Maryland – 2000)

Renovation of kitchen/breakfast area, addition of family room with rooftop terrace and pergola, and third garage bay with home office/bath attached.


Page Renovation
(Arlington, Virginia – 2000)

New front entry and renovation of existing spaces for expanded kitchen and dining.


Chevalier Addition/Renovation
(Annandale, Virginia – 2000)

New front entry, renovations to existing house, and addition of two bedrooms and full bath.


Warner Renovation
(Alexandria, Virginia – 2000)

Master plan for interior and exterior renovations.


Lowe Addition/Renovation
(McLean, Virginia – 1999)

Addition of master bedroom/bath suite and family room and renovation/enlargement of kitchen, front entry and deck.


Broaddus Renovation
(Springfield, Virginia – 1999)

Relocation of master bedroom and buildout of master bath/dressing rooms within existing first floor spaces for handicapped accessibility.


Clark Renovation
(Great Falls, Virginia – 1999)

Renovation of master bedroom/bath suite.


Matthews/Ederington Renovation
(Chevy Chase, Maryland – 1999)

Buildout of basement to include family room with custom cabinetry and millwork, bar/pantry, home office nook, storage, and nanny bedroom/bath suite.


Barnett Renovation
(Naples, Florida – 1999)

Buildout family room in existing front porch, enclose pool area, and renovate entire interior and exterior of two-story stucco home.


Thurber Renovation
(Arlington, Virginia – 1999)

Join and renovate two individual condominiums into one family unit within historic neighborhood.


Armendaris/Barrish Addition
(Falls Church, Virginia – 1999)

Two story addition to and renovation of existing Cape Cod home.


Jones Addition

(Chevy Chase, Maryland – 1998)

Addition of dormer to enlarge master bath.


Williams Addition/Renovation
(Alexandria, Virginia – 1998)

Two story addition for new family room, kitchen, storage, powder room, sewing room and renovated front entry for 1940’s brick Dutch Colonial.


Blessing and Soukup Addition/Renovation
(Alexandria, Virginia – 1998)

New screened porch and kitchen extension with roof deck for early 1900's bungalow.


King Renovation

(Arlington, Virginia – 1998)

Renovation of condo to open living room ceiling to attic above and add new bath.


Wehner Addition
(Great Falls, Virginia – 1998)

Wood sided addition to log cabin for new bedroom and bath suite (with Charles F. Dettor, AIA).


Freedman Addition/Renovation
(Centreville, Virginia – 1998)

Renovation of three level house and addition of two bedrooms, two baths, and laundry facilities above existing family room and enlarged garage.


Bingen Renovation
(Arlington, Virginia – 1998)

Addition of bath and storage and renovations to attic loft bedroom.


Diener Kitchen Renovation
(Arlington, Virginia – 1998)

Renovated kitchen to include new layout, cabinetry, appliances, lighting and finishes.


Arndorfer/Smith Renovation
(Washington, D.C. – 1997)

Renovation of kitchen, family room and rear facade of 1920's row house in the Woodley Park Historic District.


Jimenez Addition
(Glen Echo, Maryland – 1997)

Addition of home office, sunroom and deck with views of the Potomac River as well as the renovation of the front entry and existing interior stair and hall.


Ross Attic Build-out
(Arlington, Virginia – 1997)

Build-out of existing attic space for children's playroom, laundry facilities and study.


Biersack Addition/Renovation
(Alexandria, Virginia – 1997)

Exterior renovation of existing 1950's rambler and addition of double car garage and connecting covered walkway.


Palmer Addition/Renovation
(Sterling, Virginia – 1996)

Renovation of existing one-level house and addition of front porch, second story bedrooms and baths.


Via Residence
(Floyd, Virginia – 1996)

New two-story mountainside home.


Hagan Renovation
(McLean, Virginia – 1996)

Renovation of 2,300 s.f. three-level townhouse.


Delano Dock and Pavilion
(Alexandria, Virginia – 1996)

120 foot dock and entertaining pavilion on the Potomac River.


Surak/Wu Addition/Renovation
(Bethesda, Maryland – 1995)

Total renovation of 1,500 s.f. house with 1,150 s.f. addition of new front entry, guest bedroom, master bath/dressing area, and family room/kitchen/dining.


Bell/Kirschbaum Addition/Renovation
(Alexandria, Virginia – 1995)

Two-story kitchen and master bedroom suite addition to 1930's Moderne home and total renovation  of existing spaces.  Photographed for Japanese Remodeling Magazine. Received Honorable Mention in "Better Homes and Gardens" 1996 Home Improvement Awards Program.


Oravec Residence
(Glenwood, Georgia – 1995)

Traditionally styled 7,000 s.f. residence.


Oakland Estate-Phase I
(Front Royal, Virginia – 1995)

Additions to and complete renovation of historic farmhouse (1790 log cabin core with early 1900's additions).


Miller Addition
(Alexandria, Virginia – 1994)

Addition to and renovation of 1950's brick home.


Tingle Residence
(Bethesda, Maryland – 1994)

Design for third floor master bedroom suite addition to 1940's Moderne home (with Richard Leggin Architects).


Bingham/Michaelis Addition/Renovation
(Georgetown, D.C. – 1993)

Third floor master bedroom suite addition to Victorian row house (with Richard Leggin Architects) within historic district.


Dunigan Residence
(Great Falls, Virginia – 1993)

Traditionally styled 6,000 s.f. residence (with Richard Leggin Architects).


Delaney Addition
(Nokesville, Virginia – 1993)

Two-story master bedroom suite and family room addition to cedar home.


Malone Renovation
(Herndon, Virginia – 1993)

Guest bedroom suite and family room build-out.


Sweet Harmony Farm
(Floyd, Virginia – 1993)

Addition to and complete renovation of 19th century farmhouse.


Bensten Residence
(McLean, Virginia – 1992)

Traditionally styled 6,400 s.f. residence (with Jon Kline, AIA).


E. R.   Johnson Addition and Renovation
(Silver Spring, Maryland – 1991)

Kitchen and master bath addition to 1940's home.


Martin Renovation
(Washington, DC – 1990)

Formal dining room addition to contemporary townhouse.


B. Johnson Addition
(Washington, DC – 1990)

Kitchen and master bedroom suite addition to 1940's residence.


35 R Street Renovation
(Washington, DC – 1989)

Complete renovation of 1880's rowhouse.

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